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ESD Flooring Installers / ESD Floor Installation

Supply-Installation-Certification, U.S.A. Canada & Mexico!

United=World Class ESD Flooring Installation and Certifications! We've professionally installed Millions of Square Feet since our start in 1993! Your install comes complete with ESD, ANSI, DOD or NFPA NIST Certifications, on time completion, no headaches and NO surprises all at a realistic price!

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All We Do Is Static Control!

ESD flooring for Electronic Manufacturing

Installation by United SCP (expand photo)

United has Specialized in the Installation of ESD Tiles, Sheet Vinyl, Epoxy and ESD Carpeting since 1993!


Since all we do is static control we understand how your flooring interacts with your ESD Program. We realize a great ESD floor must work in concert with carts, shelving, technicians and chairs and hit very specific levels of conductivity and tribocharging (static generation).


United's Engineering Services has provided 3rd party ESD Floor Testing and Certifications for over 24 years for literally every major type of ESD flooring on the market. That same great service is included with OUR installations at no charge. United works closely with the client or contractor throughout every step of the process from material selection to expectations to scheduling.


During the installation phase we ask that a representative of the client be available on a daily basis. Why? Because if they see a problem we FIX it - plain and simple! We feel this close communications avoids problems at the end of the install and we value client satisfaction. We strive for 100% positive signoffs and reviews and we have mountains worth that proves this process works. Installing ESD flooring properly, backing the install and hitting our deadlines is paramount to our success. It's not just a job. It's Our Passion.


Experienced, since 1993Experienced - our first ESD flooring install was in 1993!

United SCP, a leader in ESD FlooringA Global Leader in ESD Flooring

Supply, Install, Test and CertifyTurn Key! Supply, Install, Test and Certify

OPTIONS In ESD FlooringOPTIONS In ESD Flooring and we've installed them all!

All Security LevelsAll Security Levels and we HIT our Deadlines

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 Install Gallery

ESD flooring applied around benches

Secret Location - Anonymous Defense Location and Primary Data Management

ElectraGuard Install Tecate Mexico

Elan ESD Flooring in Illinois

Smart Use of ESD Epoxy
Massachusetts Pennsylvania Mexico Illinois Oregon


ESD floor photo at Tyco

3D Printing ESD Flooring


ElectraSeal Installation

Mexico Ohio North Carolina Washington Colorado


Blue ESD Floor

Emerald Green ESD Flooring

ElectraGuard ESD Table Top

ESD Floor for Robotics
Colorado New Mexico North Carolina Florida New York


Please note: Minimum install prices are generally above $6,500. Our flooring installation teams are adept at handling the numerous challenges presented by ESD Flooring and pride themselves in hitting deadlines and providing quality, compliant ESD Flooring Installations. They are US Citizens and have passed extensive background checks. United is an equal opportunity employer however special consideration in hiring is extended to Veterans. All of our specialist' expenses are fully covered.

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