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Antistatic ESD Carpet Tiles

In Sock, 2' x 2' tiles, NO Minimums, Major ISO approved manufacturer, Outstanding Warranty, Quick Ship


ESD carpet tiles are perfect for Electronic Manufacturing, Home Offices, 911 Call Centers, Labs, Radio, Audio / Video Recording Studios and More. Outstanding sound deadening capabilities, comfortable ergonomics, awesome colors and compliant to THE latest ANSI ESD Standards for static control. The Guaranteed BEST Online Pricing in the Nation on Quality ESD Carpeting!


ESD carpet tiles, Refinery command center CA photostatic dissipative esd control carpet tilesUltraTech II Carpet Tiles -  Beautiful directional texture and patterns provide the look of finely crafted broadloom in an easy to install carpet tile.  Fully compliant to latest static control specifications. Made in the USA! Great price and outstanding quality. In Stock and Ready to Ship!  Perfect for mission critical server rooms, labs, offices, command centers, sound studios and 911 call centers.


Special of the Month!
$185.05 per Carton ($3.85 psf)
Compare to Access Floor Systems* at 207.87
Compare to Static Works at $35.00 per square yard ($3.88 psf)
12 ea 2' x 2' tiles per carton (48 square feet per carton).
Top Seller!! Guaranteed BEST Online Pricing in the USA!

FAA and Server Room Carpet Photo

FAA approved carpet tilesFAA-Series Carpet Tiles - For mission critical applications such as the FAA, DOD and the  Military, static induced equipment malfunctions are just  NOT an option.  Our 24 oz Mission Critical ESD Control Carpet Tile conforms to THE most stringent specifications for safe yet efficient static control conductivity. United SCP offers an unheard of selection in colors its In Stock and ready for shipment.


$199.50 per Carton
12 ea 2' x 2' tiles per carton ($4.16 PSF).
Guaranteed BEST Online Pricing in the USA!

esd carpet but LOOKS outstanding icon

non directional static dissipative carpet tilesCircuit CG Anti-Static Carpet Tiles - Award winning Non Directional pattern hides wear, stains and dirt. Eliminates dye lot issues. With Circuit CG's unique pattern it's possible to replace a worn tile 10 years after install and the dye lot will look consistent. EPA Registered Anti-Microbial, meets stringent indoor air quality standards. Exceptional LEED points. Made in the USA.



$220.00 per Carton
12 ea 2' x 2' tiles per carton ($4.58 PSF).
Compare to Gotopac.com** at over $5.98 per square foot!
Guaranteed BEST Online Pricing in the USA!

Static dissipative Carpet Treatment that is SAFE around energized equipment

Static Dissipative Carpet TreatmentStatic Dissipative Carpet Treatment - INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE! Patent pending and ONLY from United SCP! MEASURABLE static dissipative properties! Transforms standard carpet into Static Dissipative Carpet at a fraction of the cost of expensive ESD carpet tiles. Meets FAA STD 019e, ATIS-0600321.2010 and Motorola R56. Perfect for use in server rooms, telecom and for use around Energized Equipment. 2 year life expectancy and an easy recoat. Only from United SCP! 

$128.99 per gallon, $509.99 per 4 gallon Case, $621.99 per 5 Gallon Pail
That's a mere $0.13 cents per square foot!
Made in the U.S.A and Only From United!

ESD Broadloom Carpeting PhotoESD Arrow ForwardElectraDyne Series 3000 Broadloom and Carpet Tiles - Industrial Strength! The toughest most wear resistant esd carpeting in the World! Excellent for factory flooring, electronic assembly, FAA Advanced Static Control Areas and more. Fully compliant to ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 with a static generation of about 30 volts (well under the new 100 volt limit). The only ESD CONDUCTIVE carpeting now available in the USA - Totally safe with an approved electrical resistance similar to that of ESD Vinyl Tiles! OUTSTANDING static control properties that beat static dissipative carpeting hands down!  Only from United SCP! 


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