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Hard Surface ESD Mouse PadINDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE! And Only from United SCP! Static electricity can devastate sensitive electronics but discharging static too quickly can harm electronics just as bad as not discharging the static in the first place. Our ElectraMouse hard surface antistatic mouse pads dissipate the static charge at a precise rate for ULTIMATE static control.


Sure others have "anti-static mouse pads." But do they really work? Ours are made from our Titanium ESD flooring with charge decay characteristics that are indisputable! Check out the specifications. ElectraMouse quickly and efficiently drains the static from the user EVERY time they touch the pad. These unique mouse pads have been a special order product, popular for use in 911 call centers, FAA Control Towers and Electronic manufacturing for years. They have solved 1000's of static related problems for those that use them. We've just added them to the shopping cart and made them available for our clients worldwide!  ElectraMouse ESD Mouse Pads.


Play our NEW Video on the ElectraMouse Mouse pads!

How it works, How it's installed and what problems it cures!

Answers the question: Why do I STILL have static on me when I'm ON an antistatic or ESD floor or floor mat?

Static Protection for DJ Equipment and AudioStatic Control for Sophisticated Audio Systems: Unique Static Control Pickup Protects High End Audio Systems, Gaming Consoles and DJ Equipment from damage by user induced electrostatic discharge! These Systems are BUILT in an ESD control environment and their Engineers have done their best to protect the sensitive microcircuitry. Yet, the unpredictability of an electrostatic discharge in the home, studio or nightclub environment send shivers down the spines of some of the finest audio engineers in the world! 5 Star rating on Google! More Information  



STOP Slippery ESD FlooringSlip-Not CURES Slippery ESD Flooring: Slip and fall accidents are THE most common workman's comp claims in the manufacturing environment! Slip-Not! is a revolutionary ESD Floor cleaner that's easy to apply and cleans away insulative dirt. You'll FEEL the difference in slip resistant properties after the very first application! Won't transfer to heel straps and cart wheels.  More Information   Download SDS Sheet



Peel And Stick ESD Tiles ONLY From United SCP!

Peel & Stick ESD Tiles ONLY from UNITED SCP!NEW! Peel and Stick ESD Tile! - INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE! Patent pending and ONLY from United SCP! Perfect for covering steel subfloors.  Easy to install and EASY to replace! As low as $7.34 per square foot! Only from United SCP!  ESD tile - Buy Online




ESD Gel straps, THE most comfortable esd wrist strap in the nation!

New! Gel Style ESD Wrist StrapNEW! Gel Style esd wrist strap - THE most comfortable esd wrist strap in the Nation. 100% Silicon Rubber, robust, long lasting and Hypoallergenic. Unlike some straps provided by our competition we even include the ground cord! Quality, compliance and bright colors for easy tracking. In stock and ready for immediate shipments. As low as $4.49 each! Only from United SCP!  ESD tile - Buy Online



New! ESD anti static brushes iconNEW! Anti Static Brushes -  All esd brushes are NOT created equal! Our new ElectraBrush ESD brushes feature quality, compliance and outstanding anti static properties. Finally! An esd brush you can test in the field to prove its compliance! Check out the associated video and save while we load the new pages. As low as $6.99 each! An industry exclusive and only at United SCP! ESD tile - Buy Online



outperforms esd shoesErgoStat Heel Grounders, ESD ShoesErgo-Stat ESD sole grounders - The ESD control anti fatigue matting that you wear! Ergo-Stat easily outperforms esd shoes providing comfort and conductivity from day one! These heavy duty shoe covers are by far the most advanced ergonomic esd personal support device on the market PERIOD. Ergo-Stat ESD control heel grounders dramatically reduce pain and fatigue experienced when standing or walking on hard surfaces. Once you try them you'll NEVER want to take them off!  ESD tile - Buy Online




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