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ESD Ionizers, ESD Ionization


Rocket Science? Hardly. "Modern" Ionizers were invented in the 40's. Negative ion ionizers were in use by the 50's (mostly for health) and balanced ion generators became popular with the already maturing ESD market (mostly Military munitions applications) in the early 60'S. Now? ESD Ionizers are used in many high tech manufacturing programs to control ESD (Electro Static Discharge) in the work environment. Do they Still work the same? Pretty much! ESD ionizers neutralize a static charge via balancing the ions between the molecules in the gasses of the surrounding air. ESD Ionizers are typically used to control static on isolated conductors that can’t be grounded and insulative objects (like standard plastics). ESD Ionizers are perfect for removing contaminant attraction caused by static as well as neutralizing static charges from wide, focused or hard to reach areas. Ionization is ideal when working with delicate electronic products (either on benches OR on electronics assembly lines) or large more robust assemblies. Whether for electronic assembly or our high powered Ionizers for the printing, packaging and injection molding industries.


The Benefits of ESD Ionization? increased yield, cleaner assemblies, a reduction in latent esd damaged sensitive electronic components and increased production in all environments where static is an issue. ISO manufactured by the same quality manufacturers used by the high overhead big boys! Compare to Ion systems, Desco, 3-M and Simco. Save your esd program a substantial amount of money while getting the outstanding high quality, long life, precision ionization United has provided for over 15 years! Many of the first ionizers we sold are still in operation and performing flawlessly! Note: Don't be fooled by cheap knockoffs! You'll be sadly disappointed in the performance.


NEW: United SCP can recertify / recalibrate and repair any of the following ionizers! We stock all parts and feature recalibrations and certifications using NIST in compliance test instruments and ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 test methodology.


Our Most Popular ESD Ionizers for Static Control


Static Control Ionizer for Bench Top use arrowElectraFlow SL-001 HEAVY DUTY ESD Bench top Ionizer (also works great for mounting under shelves or for overhead use) Air Filtration! Patented circular arrangement of 12 balanced tungsten emitters for ultimate ionic output and longevity!  Anti-static powder coated aluminum alloy housing.

Full Size and High Output! TWICE the power supply of similar bench top ionizers and a full TWO YEAR Warranty! More POWERFUL than the similar yet PRICIER ionizer built by our competition. The HD SL-001 is made in Germany and comes complete with full factory Certification to THE latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 Standards! We Challenge you to find a better bench top ionizer for the money!


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Static Control ESD Overhead Ionizer ArrowElectraFlow SL-002 Overhead Dual fan ESD ionizer with on demand workbench lighting, built in emitter cleaners, dual variable speed fans with an adjustable output of 80 to 220 CFM. Powerful performance, an industry standard at the guaranteed best pricing in the Nation.


Now Only $633.99 each and FREE SHIPPING!*

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3 fan overhead ionizer sor static control arrow

3 fan static control overhead ionizerElectraFlow SL-003  Fully adjustable Triple Fan overhead ESD ionizer with on demand workbench lights, built in emitter cleaners and self balancing output from 120 to 330 CFM. Very robust and reliable. Long life, low low maintenance.  Perfect for medium to large esd workstations.


Now Only $736.14 each and FREE SHIPPING!*

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4 fan overhead ionizer=ultimate ionic outputStatic Control 4 fan ionizer arrowElectraFlow SL-1104  Overhead FOUR Fan, high output (up to 440 CFM) ESD Ionizer quickly and completely removes static. The 1104 is self balancing, quiet, contains built in emitter cleaners and comes complete with factory calibration. THE most balanced ions for your money! Very robust, outstanding reliability. Perfect for large esd work stations as well as packaging areas and more.


Now Only $767.58 each and FREE SHIPPING!*

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This horizontal ESD ionizer is perfect for bench top esd ionization for static control photoPowerful WIDE output esd benchtop ionizerElectraFlow SL-010 One of THE most popular ESD bench top ionizers in the world! The SL-010 esd ionizer provides a wide, narrowly focused plane of ionized air to control static across a sizable area of an esd work surface. This powerful yet easily controllable ionized air stream is PERFECT for electronic assembly and removing the final traces of static from insulative objects and sub assemblies.


Now Only $808.00 each and FREE SHIPPING!*

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Heated ESD Ionizer for Static ControlHeated esd bench top ionizer bulletThe SL-028 HEATED esd bench top ionizer is a versatile unit that provides a wide plane of ionized air to control static electricity. This powerful yet easily controllable ionized air stream is PERFECT for electronic assembly and removing the final traces of static from insulative objects and sub assemblies. Excellent for other uses in manufacturing environments such as plastic sheet and vacuum forming operations. One of the most versatile ionizers in the industry! 3D air flow!


Now Only $691.99 each and FREE SHIPPING!*

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static control air gun, light weight and effectiveStatic Control Air Blower arrowElectraFlow G 4000 Ionizing air gun, power supply and generous 6 foot airline / power supply cable. Light weight, powerful and robust. Industrial strength, easy to control, easy to maintain, hand held, works with clean compressed air or nitrogen. The ElectraFlow G-4000 is perfect for eliminating dust AND static from sensitive parts yet powerful enough for larger assemblies, packaging, automotive paint and body work, assembly line operations and more. This unit includes a super heavy duty power supply and has a successful track record of over 10 years!


Now Only $558.58 ea and FREE SHIPPING!*

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Compare to the Simco® 4006992 Top Gun™ Ionizing air Gun* This product is not manufactured nor distributed by Simco Industrial Static Control Inc an Illinois Tool Works Company.Top Gun Static Elimination GunThe NEW SL-280 ElectraHawk hand held ionizer with power supply and foot pedal: The SL-280 delivers a highly refined static eliminating air stream with powerful blow off capabilities! Eliminates static laden dust and particulate! Outstanding controllability balance and mobility! From delicate components to hearty assemblies the ElectraHawk sl-280 has the looks, feel, and performance of a finely crafted tool designed to last a lifetime! Suitable for class 100 Clean Rooms, light weight, durable, meets stringent class 100 clean room standards. INCLUDES foot operated power switch at NO additional Charge! Includes certificate of compliance, unparalleled  blow off capabilities and replaceable 1 micron final air filter (normal life expectancy of filter 2 years).

 Compare our SL-280 to the Simco® Top Gun™ Ionizing Air Gun (an Illinois Tool Works Company). The SL-280 is neither manufactured,  distributed nor associated with said Companies. The SL-280 and the Simco Top Gun are the most popular ionizing air blowers in the World!



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Top Gun Static Elimination GunOur SL-041 high velocity air curtain works with compressed air for superior targeted removal of contaminants including dust and dirt. This unit features focused air streams and is perfect for finishing applications, packaging, food and beverage manufacturing and printing applications. Available in lengths up to 1,300 mm (51.18 inches). 600 mm (23.6") standard. Includes the robust SL-009 high voltage power supply.


Only $876.02 each and FREE SHIPPING!

NOW ONLY $638.22 Each and FREE SHIPPING!*

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precision esdl ionizermicro ionizer for delicate static control arrowElectraFlow SL-111D Precision clean room compliant stainless steel DC mini ionizer. The unit consist of a stainless steel DC miniature high output - high efficiency ionizer that mounts on a heavy duty stainless and composite stand. The angle and height of the ionizer is fully adjustable using a small Allen wrench. The unit comes complete with a heavy duty 3 foot long cable that attaches the ionizer to the stainless steel power supply unit. The power supply unit contains a variable speed function and on off switch for the 2 inch fan located in the ionizer. Manufactured in a class 1000 clean room. 4 tungsten emitters, adjustable airflow output, +/- ionizer balance set screw mounted conveniently on the front of the transformer.

CFM: 3 to 15

Max sound output: 30dB

Coverage Range: 4" to 6" ideal (up to 12" max)
Typical Decay time: 4" .07s, 6" 1.2s, 12' 2.4 s (1,000 to <100V)

Weight: Power supply / controller 0.75 kg
Weight: Ionizer: 0.28 kg.
Weight: Stand: 1.2 kg

Ion balance: =/- 5 volts

Ionizer Size: 4.25" tall, 1" deep, 3.5" wide

Ozone generation: 0.03 x 10 -6

Alternate Photo


 Price: $504.72 ea and FREE SHIPPING*!

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Note: Our Ionizers meet or exceed stringent specifications as listed and are fully warranted. Like all ionizers built by any Company they are a non returnable item. Please choose your selection carefully. Don't see what your looking for?  We offer a full selection of ESD ionization guns, snakes, copper bars and quality power supplies.


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