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Options in ESD Floor Paint / ESD Concrete Sealers

You'll Never Find a Better Hard Surface Floor for the Money!

We've SPECIALIZED in ESD Epoxy Floor Paint and Sealers since 1992! Manufacture our product right here in the U.S.A and supply these materials World Wide to Industries ranging from Munitions to Electronic Manufacturing to Server Farms.

When you Think ESD Flooring Think UNITED!


Made in the U.S.A!Today's reality dictates an increasingly daunting task. To meet the latest ANSI, D.O.D and other sophisticated ESD static control standards and assure your successful manufacturing of static sensitive product ESD flooring is a must! Yet does it make sense to pay $7.00 to 12.00 per installed square foot for ESD tiles, thick set ESD epoxy or an anti-static rubber flooring? Most think NOT!


ElectraFloor Paints and Sealers are Economical, Compliant, Long Lasting and Environmentally Friendly! Like you, we understand the importance of your ESD flooring. It must be easy to maintain, capable of handling ALL types of traffic and provide optimum ESD compliance to meet today's LATEST standards. It must be esthetically pleasing, realistically priced and most importantly, ESD flooring must provide static control that never EVER stops working!


High gloss esd conductive floor paint system photoHigh Gloss ESD Floor Paint System IconElectraGuard High Gloss EPOXY ESD Flooring System - Top Seller! For Electronic Manufacturing, Server Farms, Data Centers, Mission Critical Offices Etc. Nano Particulate infused for amorphous Permanent Static Control! 10 Year plus life expectancy (we have clients that have had them down for 15 years and they are still looking good and performing flawlessly). Beautiful! High gloss yet slip resistant! Handles ANY traffic! Can be installed by Customers, their Contractors or United the SCP Installation Team! Handles twice the vapor emissions of ESD vinyl tiles and thick set epoxy! For use over concrete and many other hard surface floors (like VCT). Outstanding VALUE. The cost of the ULTIMATE System? Less than 1/2 the cost of ESD Tiles and thick set epoxy. EASILY pass S 20.20-2014, TR-52, 97.1 AND 97.2.  Made in the U.S.A. by United SCP!




ESD floor paint for D.o.D. 4145-M, flammables and explosivesElectraGuard High Conductivity ESD EPOXY Floor Paint - For use with Combustible Metals, Metal Powders and Metal Dust. For use with Munitions, Flammables, Explosives and other Energetics. Nano Particulate infused for amorphous Permanent Static Control! Precision conductivity that's adjustable, reliable and non sparking. The ElectraGuard High Velocity System provides a higher electrical conductivity than the ElectraGuard High Gloss System. On site adjustable conductivity! 10 year plus life expectancy (we have clients that have had them down for 15 years and they are still looking good and performing flawlessly. No to low gloss matte finish. 3 coats recommended. Can be installed by end users, their contractors or the United SCP Installation Team. For use over concrete, VCT, Steel and many other types of surfaces including ceilings and walls (for shielding purposes). Outstanding VALUE. Less than 1/2 the cost of ESD tiles and thick set epoxy. Made in the U.S.A by United SCP!



EPOXY Floor Paint, medium gloss, 10 year life expectancy photoEpoxy Floor Paint - 1/2 the cost of VCT! IconElectraGuard Standard Floor EPOXY Paint (not for static control) - 10 year life expectancy! Save Money! Use the ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy where you need the ESD protection and THIS material where you don't. Example. ElectraGuard NC is Perfect for all non ESD areas. Nice shine, slip resistant. Easy application, easy to maintain. Material cost about: About $.60 psf and that's with THREE coats and a sealer! That's at least 30% less than standard VCT and MUCH less than Home Depot's Sherwin Williams Epoxy Floor paint at $1.03 PSF! Proudly Made in the U.S.A!


Anti Static Concrete Sealer, ESD Conductive, meets S20.20 specifications photoESD Concrete Sealer IconElectraSeal Anti Static Heavy Duty Concrete Sealer - Top Seller! 3 year life expectancy! Transparent, medium high gloss, eliminates concrete dusting. FAST easy application. Easy re applications. Perfect for server rooms and around energized equipment. Minimal preparation. Perfect for fast track construction! Material cost of less than $.40 cents Per Square Foot! Made in the USA. Low maintenance, great looks!



GP-5600 ESD Floor Paint by Static Solutions Inc

GP-5600 latex floor paint, best price in the industry iconStatic Solutions GP-5600 One Part Latex Based Floor Paint - 1 to 2 year life expectancy, low to no odor, extremely low VOC content. Anti-Static, Low gloss finish. Economical and very easy to apply. Made in America by Static Solutions Inc (United SCP is an authorized distributor). Installation Instructions     SDS Sheet     Data Sheet



Anti-Static Clear Coat IconElectraThane Anti-Static Clear Coat - Outstanding static dissipative sealer for use on cured ElectraGuard, ESD Tiles, latex based ESD floor paint and more. Outstanding elimination of nuisance static discharges from standard VCT, thick set epoxies and sheet vinyl. The longest lasting, most electrically stable anti static Clear Coat in the industry. ElectraThane outperforms ALL ESD floor finishes Hands Down!



At United SCP we understand that in many cases the success of your ESD program depends on the reliable performance of your ESD flooring. Your flooring is interactive, it's part of a bigger picture. It must perform in concert with ESD chairs, carts, shelving, trolleys and personnel. In the past (just several years ago;) choices for quality ESD flooring (and what the floors had to achieve) were limited, now the selections (and the new requirements of ANSI ESD S2020-2014 are extensive.


Not only do we provide the largest selection of ESD flooring on the market we provide unmatched engineering and installation skills to help successfully match your needs with the appropriate materials. We provide award winning 24/7 Tech support for our customers and their installers. Provide help in certifying the electrical conductivity to the latest standards and are there for our client if and when they need us! Our goal is simple and we do it well - We provide flawless, compliant, long term static control flooring and industry leading engineering and installation support to back up our products!


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