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ElectraSeal® ESD Concrete Sealer

Designed and Manufactured Only By United SCP

Made in the United States of America


ElectraSeal ESD Concrete Sealer over Ground and Polished Concrete

ElectraSeal ESD Concrete Sealer Over Ground and Polished Concrete.  (larger photo)


EXCLUSIVE FORMULATION: Not an ESD Floor Finish or Wax. ElectraSeal's one of a kind metal free polymer chain is specifically designed for use over concrete. ElectraSeal is economical, long life, easy to maintain and has an extremely low VOC content making it an attractive option for Architects and End Users looking to achieve stringent "Clean and Green Building Standards."

ElectraSeal is perfect for use on concrete filled raised access panels and ALL types of cast-in-place concrete flooring slabs. It may be used in conjunction with stained or diamond ground and polished concrete. ElectraSeal contains ZERO metallic (RoHS Compliant). ElectraSeal is a preferred choice for a multitude of static control environments such as data farms, electronic manufacturing, additive manufacturing and more.

Static Electricity is not your Friend!

Static electricity is normally created by contact and separation. Whether it is from a person's clothing rubbing against their skin, rolling on the floor with casters or even just walking on the floor, static is EASY to generate. In most cases a person won't be able to even feel this static (the voltage is too low) but it is ongoing, relentless and powerful. It can devastate sensitive microelectronics and in some cases cause fine powder to ignite.

The electrical conductivity of a floor is what takes this static charge to ground. Yet concrete's electrical conductivity varies dramatically. At times it is very conductive (not safe around energized equipment) or totally insulative (not allowing the charge to go to ground). ElectraSeal smoothes out these fluctuations and provides reliable, safe electrical conductivity across the entire floor.

ElectraSeal at GE Additive Manufacturing in PA

ElectraSeal is Perfect for use in additive manufacturing.

static dissipative, safe for use around energized equipmentConductivity that is SAFE for use around energized equipment.

Economical ESD flooringEconomical at a cost of less than $0.40 cents per square foot.

ESD flooring for heavy loadsEasily handles THE heaviest of loads.

slip resistant ESD flooring materialExcellent slip resistance - even when wet!

static control with NO heel strapsReduces static discharges without heel straps.

Compliant to ANSI ESD S20.20 standardsCompliant for use in many electronic manufacturing environments.

Easy to maintainEasy to maintain and eliminates concrete dusting.

Low odor applicationLow to NO odor application.

ESD flooring for fast track constructionPerfect for fast track constuction.

Handles high concrete vapor emissionsMicroporous - Allows for use over high vapor emission concrete.

Environmentally FriendlyLow VOC content (<55 g/l - see test results) meets numerous Green Building and indoor air quality standards. ElectraSeal works best on unsealed concrete but will bond to a variety of sealed, densified or diamond ground and polished concrete (pretesting is always recommended).


New: Now V1.2 CDHP compliant!

New: Now free of harmful Dibutyl Phthalates and formaldehydes.


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